Sensual Massage

The sensual body-to-body massage allows you to listen to the self, awaken and amplify the senses of a deeper pleasure. It emptying the mind from all that we have in memory and raising the energy “from the body to the body” in another dimension. It’s a massage that allows you to reach the right balance between mind and body and then transfer this condition even in the act of love. To enjoy the love making more intense  through the energy release, so you learn to control and prolong the pleasure and moments of ecstasy intensifying emotions.

You can experience with me a sensory massage, an emotional journey that releases an intense pleasure and constant flow throughout the body, the mind at the feet and back down deep until you get to the heart, the soul.

The wellness that is explained only by living this massage. In this art of the sensual pleasure it is amplified to the maximum expanding, freedom, energy and pure mental and physical ecstasy.

If you only want to enjoy the sensual erotic massage, my rates are:

1 hour erotic massage 190 euro

2 hours erotic massage 350 euro


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